Sunday, September 30, 2012

review. Month one.

I love college.
The people are amazing...
I have made more friends here in a month than I  have in the course of m life.
We're all here with similar mindsets,
similar backgrounds, goals, families.
And we all understand each other.
I keep hearing it over and over.
I fel like I've known you my whole life.
I can't believe we weren't friends a month ago.
talking about visiting each other's states.
A month into school.
It's so wonderful
Everyone is a friend
A comrade
A confidante.
Someone to trust, to look up to,
and the appreciate.
Maybe to love.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Older version of me

(Yet another "lost writing" I found)

I was told today that I have very attractive nose. Though silly, the compliment was genuine and it got me thinking.
The things that people who really love us like about us are so often the things that we ourselves are most uncomfortable with. For instance, I have never "liked" my nose, yet she was not the first to comment that my embarrasment was instead charming.
The same has been told me of facets of my personality.

I do like the word facet.
Certain words leap into my brain at opportune moments when I wish to appear intelligent, and facet is one of the few such words I use rather frequently.
-But not too frequently, of course.
I wish to appear educated, not like I'm faking intelligence.

(This makes me laugh now. It is curious how much people change in six months.)