Friday, February 28, 2014

it's been a while....

She was at a bonfire tonight. A few stars were out, the guys were singing, and all was right.
She can only take it for so long, being the only girl who hasn't had someone. A girl who wants someone to love her, she who loves everyone so much. She only wants a little love in return.
They don't understand. They all have someone, someone who sees their imperfections, their weirdness as beautiful. 
If there ever is a guy, let him be a nice guy. They're all so nice -- she wonders if there are any nice guys left. One that she can belong to. She really just wants to belong to one. One, that's all, just one. The right one. A man she can love with all her might and know she is loved back. A man with a good smile, strong hands, a deep laugh and an even deeper singing voice. A man who isn't afraid of being seen with her. A man who doesn't need affirmation of his masculinity. A man who can say no to her, and then make her laugh.
Anyone will do, as long as he's the right one.

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