Friday, June 29, 2012

1:11 ramblings.

I haven't written in a few days.
I apologize.
But Jo, I figured you'd understand.
People get busy, right?
I mean, I'm working part-time, sleeping a lot and doing multiple do-it-yourself craft projects simultaneously, so i can't always have time to write to you.
I think about you all the time, though. ;)

So my newest obsession, as I stated above, is do-it-yourself. Today I made a makeup organizer that hangs on the wall. It's essentially a magnet board. I glued magnets onto the backs of most of my eyeshadows, and now I have a beautiful, organized, wall art-thingy-ma-bob.

I like hyphens today.

So, while I'm busy becoming a make-up artist, I can admire my do-it-yourselfer handiwork and dream of becoming an interior designer with a focus in hot glue guns.

So my day was very successful. I hope your's was too, Jo.

P.S. I say "So" a lot. I'll work on that. My apologies.

Monday, June 25, 2012


I have a confession.
I have another blog.

No, it's been around longer than you have.
And she's just there for a deeper art of me.

I thought you'd understand.


Try her out.
You never know. You might like her.
Water is kinda amazing.
Did you know that, Jo?
Here are my top three reasons why:

 1. It freaking keeps us alive.
2. Water is so customizable. Some genius made it so that we can have water at exactly the temperature we need. What guy would change that much for you.
3. Water feels amazing. Seriously. Have you ever just put your hand under running faucet and felt how amazing it feels?

So anyway, that's what was on my ind for the night.
That and why a certain someone hasn't texted me backs. It's been two hours, for goodness' sake.
But that's a story for another night.
I can't let you know everything about me at once, can I?
That wouldn't be as exciting. *cue big, mischievous smile*
Goodnight, Jo.

P.S.You have long, curling, cascading, black hair and startling hazel eyes.
Just so ya know.


So, yesterday was a hint for today's condition.

Yet, even though I feel icky, I have this want to do everything.
Like make wall art out of spoons.
Get a tattoo.
Or a piercing.
Go to Switzerland.
Alter the pile of clothes in my closet that "aren't quite right."
Get a mani.
And a pedi.
Get married.
Make a demo album.

Heck, even take a shower.

Who does this? I'm sick, for gosh sakes.
Someone should come slap me.
Hey Jo.
Thanks for listening.
Even though you have to.
I'm a rather grateful person.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


You know those days when everything seems gray? Grey?
It's one of those days.
I only want to eat Rold Gold pretzel sticks and drink Arizona tea.
Everything looks bleak.
No energy can be mustered.
And the people who usually cheer you up seem annoying and frivolous.
So you lie (lay?) on the porch of the duplex your parents own, but nobody lives in, covered in dust because the porch hasn't been swept in weeks, and pity yourself.
And read the diary of Anne Frank.
It's quite pathetic really.
Then you get bloated from all the pretzels.
And hope tomorrow is better.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hi, by the way.

By the way, I'm Cecilia.

Nice to meet you.
(Nice to make you, really.)

We're gonna be great friends.
I have this weird obsession.
With everything.
Turbans. Gum. Lipstick. Shoes. Batik. Wood. Cheese. Mirrors. Fashion. Latin. Health. Expression. Grammar. Jane Austen novels. Beards. Florals. Wire.
I've kinda learned to just live with my obsessions.
You will too.
By the way, your name is Josephine.
Jo for short.
Like Louisa May Alcott's Jo.
So, thanks for listening, Jo.

I'll be back!