Monday, June 25, 2012

Water is kinda amazing.
Did you know that, Jo?
Here are my top three reasons why:

 1. It freaking keeps us alive.
2. Water is so customizable. Some genius made it so that we can have water at exactly the temperature we need. What guy would change that much for you.
3. Water feels amazing. Seriously. Have you ever just put your hand under running faucet and felt how amazing it feels?

So anyway, that's what was on my ind for the night.
That and why a certain someone hasn't texted me backs. It's been two hours, for goodness' sake.
But that's a story for another night.
I can't let you know everything about me at once, can I?
That wouldn't be as exciting. *cue big, mischievous smile*
Goodnight, Jo.

P.S.You have long, curling, cascading, black hair and startling hazel eyes.
Just so ya know.

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