Friday, August 24, 2012


Sooooooo I'mmmmmmm in my doooormmmmmmmmm roooooooooom!
It's one AM currently.
I'm moved in. Finally. At one AM.
To be fair (to myself), there was a block party tonight that we went to. That was fun. Loud. Noisy. Lots of dub-step. And new people.
My grammar is atrocious tonight.
I'm so freaking excited.
(My new goal is  to say that at least twice per post for a while.)

That's kind of a loose goal, huh,  Jo?

Anywho,  I'm freaking excited.
And tomorrow is saturday (obviously) and interesting.
A whole school full of interesting people. How lucky am I, right?

I better go to bed.
Looveeee thisss placccceeee.
Night, Jo.

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